Whitelist Security Approach

  • Analytical Agency’s View

    Having forecast technological developments in the sphere of corporate IT security, the major analytical agencies have paid a lot of attention to the concept of Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP) as well as Whitelist and Application Control technologies.

  • Dynamic Whitelisting

    Despite the seeming simplicity of the Whitelist Security Approach, its implementation is far from being an easy task. The software world is developing rapidly – numerous new programs and updates are released daily. In addition, hacker attacks and the placing of malware on legitimate websites are becoming more frequent - for instance, on file portals in the Internet.

  • Practical Application

    The aptly-named Whitelisting approach to security ensures effective protection of different user categories and helps to solve a number of problems that are relevant today.

  • Kaspersky Lab's Approach

    When working on creating an optimum solution combining new and conventional technologies, it is important to create, develop and integrate both methods into a single technology base from a single vendor company. This is exactly the approach that Kaspersky Lab’s experts have used.

  • Kaspersky Lab Presents Its Dynamic Whitelist

  • Whitelist Security Approach

  • Whitelisting Technology In Kaspersky Endpoint 8

Boosting anti-virus performance

An application which is on the global Whitelist does not require regular checking by the security program. This helps to save system resources and improve the application’s performance.